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is it time for rear springs?


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sx 10 wheeler with 58 rears sags 2.5-3 inches when loaded or towing. everything in the rear was replaced 2 years ago except for the springs. trunnion, saddles, insulators, u bolts, etc. we were into the truck for way to much money to spend even more on the springs at the time which was when i was told they didn’t need to be replaced so i decided to hold off.

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Have to agree with OldRed I just did mine and gained that 3" right back (44 rears) That said I have had 3 Camelback Macks and have never seen the springs "sag" I have had a broken pack leaf but never a sag.... I have had my 88 for 15 years and never changed a rear spring and are believed to be the original springs believe it or not ! Anyway if your insulators are shot again try this... Atro urethane bottoms and OEM rubber tops, urethane rides harsher but lasts 3X longer and using the rubber tops takes the shock out if your ride and wheel hop in certain situations and the tops support no weight.... Proven combination in my experience...

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