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1985 R / RW steering column removal.


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Just wondering if anyone has ever removed the steering column from inside a R or RW cab to repaint it. If so, any secrets? I want to pull the column and shaft, since when you open the door, it looks pretty nasty when you look up at the underside of the dash. I noticed there a four bolts that hold it in place on the slider. Any ideas or helpful hints would be appreciated. 

Pictures are what I am referring to, and not my truck, or the photographer...

Screen Shot 09-21-20 at 03.46 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 09-21-20 at 03.40 PM.PNG

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There's a prolongation of the steering column - a part that goes further to the firewall. It is attached to the firewall with nuts you can see from under the hood, actually the hood support brace attaching nuts, and also a pair of bolts which hold the column under the dash. I removed those attachment points and took the complete steering column off the cab. Than it's pretty easy to get access to the four bolts you was wondering about.

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