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Old Cab Models (rb & Dm) Gone At Macktrucks.com

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Last night I took one of my occasional glances at the official Mack website, macktrucks.com. It was nice to see some new pages up describing the new MP7 engine, and even better to see that this new engine is slightly lighter than the legendary E7 while the power curves are even flatter.

Then I looked at the "products" section and noticed a gaping hole- the links to the info on the RB and DM have disappeared. In fact, any mention of those models have disappeared, though their is some listing of maybe 20 or so new RDs and RBs in dealer stock in the "search for trucks" area of the website.

It appears that an era has ended...

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The final run of RD's were RD Legend models and were built in Oct, Nov and Dec. 2003 as 2004 models. I should have bought one, but passed on the chance. We bought '04 CH613's instead.

The local dealer told me last week that the DM and RB's were no longer available for order once the Granite Axle Back was rolled out.

Dan Bruno


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call me a hard nose to change but ill take a R,RD,RB, & A DM Over a granite & granite axle back just because of untill last year when my granddad passed on thats all we used in our grading business (excet an ocational autocar or Gmc ) everything was liqiudated for his estate im workin for someone else but would like to @ least go backinto dump buckets

I know more bout the older dogs than the new ones ill take the ole E-6 & E7 Motors over the new Asset & MP7 ANYDAY RIGHT NOW TILL I LEARN MORE BOUT THEM :blink:

like to have a 2003 or 2004 ledgend (spell?) R-Model :)

RIP R RD RB & DM :mack1:

Still alot of those ole dogs pawing the dirt & pavement everyday B):SMOKIE-LFT:

yall have a goodone B)


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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