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Engine fan stays locked cv713


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Is it possible to disconnect the wiring going to the fan clutch to see if the problem is electrical or mechanical?  If the fan stays locked with no power, maybe the fan clutch is bad.  If it unlocks when the wiring is removed, then it is getting a signal to lock...for some reason.


Just trying to separate the problem into 2 smaller parts for you.  Not really familiar with that particular piece.

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when we first got my 713, the fan staid lock on also. took me three months to figure out what was wrong with it. 

the AC was overcharged. 

pulled 14 ounces freon out of the ac, and fan started working properly.

the 14 ounces overcharge raised the high side pressure to almost 375 psi. and the high pressure switch locked the fan on at 335 PSI

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I have since rigged a switch to the dash to turn fan off and on ..I have checked the a/c pressure switch by unplugging and checking voltage and continuity...also my truck is not equipped with a torque limit switch so that rules out that..I check eecu j1 pin 9 and no voltage...not sure if it is supposed to be ground..?? 

 I will have some more time this weekend to troubleshoot ..if all else fails I will be installing a fan 195 degree temp switch to activate the fan..it will go through the a/c high pressure switch as well.

Ps: I don't have a 4-2 code.just wanted to show fan circuit.


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