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237/Quad oil leak


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Hi fellas,

Dads got a 237 motor with a 7220 behind it earmarked for restoration but has an oil leak.

It looks more like engine oil than transmission fluid but only leaks when not running.

All we can really see is it around the bell housing but wondering why it only leaks when not running?

Im thinking rear seal and maybe when running there's pressure thats enuf to seal it.

Also not sure how high the oil level sits in relation to rear crank seal.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what to try/test before pulling it down?



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Rear main seal would make the inside of the bell housing wet and oily.  If that's dry then it shouldn't be the rear main seal.  Could be oil pan.  How substantial of a leak is it that you can tell it's leaking only when turned off?

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Haven't split it but can wash it off run it for a while and all good, within maybe 30 min of shutting it off, starts to seep, after 2-3hrs starts to form a drip.

Leave about a 30cm round oil mark on the ground overnight.

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