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I also got family in Mexico, it's a Mexican Mafia thing, you do enough business south of the border you become honorary member if they like you and somehow they like me, same crap happened in Iraq, GE wanted me to go to sensitivity training but we got the call to go in country before they could find a class and after the first month the Iraqi dudes were my best buddies and they told GE to take all the ass kissing liars and send them home and I got to stay which was OK but my boss was from Beirut and he was a little crazy to say the least.    

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On 8/3/2020 at 6:30 PM, HeavyGunner said:

I’ve felt the same about my Grandpas B75 that I have. He drove it home, put it in a heated shop, took the fenders off to have the inner fender wells welded and that’s as far as he got. Ex government truck, told me at one time (1995 or so) he was able to verify the mileage was original 53K, no rust. Just bought a shop last year and am getting ready to start on it. If I can just get it running/drivable I’d be ecstatic. Way easier to be able just hit the key than fire up the John Deere and try to find someone to steer every time I need it moved. 

I didn’t realize you still had that I thought you unloaded it few years ago I am glad you still have it I’m sure you probably are too and yes 10-4 on the no run

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