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EN 377 Oil and other Fluids Recommendations

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Going start changing ALL of the fluids in the 1952 A40S.  

- EN 377 oil:  I am looking for suggestions, as I want to see if I can make this engine last.  I have had good results in other vintage engines with full synthetics in the (like Amsoil).  Very open to suggestions, even if they are expensive.

Suggestions for Rear End, Gearbox, 2nd Gearbox, greasing, etc.  I have the service manual, but looking for experience from the other out in BMT...



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OEM engine oil would have been straight 20, 30, 40 weight non-detergent depending on the ambient temperature.  Some trucks didn't even have filters on them so oil was changed every 1000-1500 miles.  Oils certainly are better than they once were!

Trans and gear would be 140 straight mineral oil.  Don't need EP.

Depending on brand aux. trans. not sure what you would need.

Any chassis grease will work for the fittings.

I try to use the OEM lubricants.  Some folks have said they use multi viscosity detergent oil in their engines so the debate can start.  Do you want the dirt to stay in suspension or drop to the pan?  is there no filter or a bypass filter?  For me and a very low miles hobby truck, change the oil once a year and you are good.

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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