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Epoxy or regular primer?

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I painted some of my parts last year with Nason epoxy primer (after sandblasting). When it comes time to put the color on, I will scuff the primer...should I put another coat of epoxy on before the color, or should I use regular primer? The guys at Axalta said if I use regular primer, I would have to sand before the color.

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I've been using this etching primer from NAPA on everything, including the aluminum parts/castings. I'm going to use PPG Concept in "Fleet Red", paint code 75674, as a top coat. This was based on a talk with Matt Pfahl on what he's been using. My past experience has  been mostly with Dupont Centari enamel. I need to ask the PPG vendor about an epoxy/primer/sealer I used on my other B model project, as for compatibility. I had very good luck with my last job, and its lasted over 20 years with a lot of outside exposure. I don't do major projects like this often, so I ask a lot of questions leading up to painting and not wanting to have a very expensive screw up come out of it.


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I try to apply Nason 421-17 2K Urethane primer within the 72 hr. window of the epoxy then sand after dry . To me the epoxy is  harder to sand. Depending what you are going to paint it depends. On body work 2-4 coats of Urethane over  epoxy allow to dry good follow with a guide coat then block sand with 320 or 400 grit. On castings, frames,and other parts sand the epoxy then a second coat of epoxy should work although I have never done this . If you use the epoxy as a second coat be sure to not to paint it too soon but stay within the window. For final coats I used Dupont  Centari  for years with great results seems things were simpler then. The tend now seems to be Base coat / clear coat or 2K urethane . Easy rider did a great job on his truck using Imron. As far as holding up Imron seems to be the best. Most new trucks were done with Imron  and maybe still are. I have not used Imron for about 25 years it was easy to use went on like alkyd enamel but expensive. 

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