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West Ridge Engine 19

West Ridge Engine 19

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Hello all,

I am posting on here as a recommendation from Watt's Truck Center in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania.  I am looking for parts for a 1951 Mack L-85 fire engine.  The engine is a parade piece and when it was in storage a few years ago, it was vandalized.  The engine sustained damage to the door windows and mirrors from a paint ball gun.  The vandals also broke the windshield wipers.  We are attempting to fix it up for this year's 80th anniversary open house, and subsequent 4th of July parade.

I am requesting help in finding parts for the engine.  Anyone out there know of a dealer that might carry windows, mirrors and wiper assemblies?  They don't have to be new.  Just in good shape.  


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I wish you luck! I’d take the stuff off mine for you if I could, but mine are different and don’t work anyways.

I’d suggest if somebody ever finds out who did it they get lined up and shot with paint ball guns and then sent to volunteer at a museum under a very watchful eye to understand why what they did was wrong. And hey since they’re not too far to make it too inconvenient for anyone, why not send them to volunteer at the Mack museum for a while... ungrateful, entitled, stuck up little pricks...

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Who needs a back yard when you could have a :mack1: Yard?!

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Also try contacting Matt Pfahl in CT, google his name and you will get to the web-site. He had LS firetruck for parts in his yard and as I remember it was an open cab and the doors were in place. So hopefully the windows either. Sorry to hear that unpleasant story. Vlad

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