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Fan cluch issue


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Hi, I have a 2005 granite. When it is cold the fan doesn't like to shut off. It proceeds to come on and off continuesly. I took the high pressure switch out of the equation and jumped it with a jumper wire and it didn't change anything. I have replaced the fan solenoid, water temp sensor, oil temp, and the air temp sensors as well, nothing has helped. Any help would be appreciated. I'm afraid it's going to ruin the clutch seeing how its never directly ingauged. 

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On 1/28/2020 at 6:36 PM, tjc transport said:

"replaced temp sensor" there are two temp sensors. 

one on the side of the engine, and one on the back of the head at the firewall. 

The one on the side is for the temp gauge. The one in the rear is for the ecu, which controls the fan. I believe he only has the one temp sensor in the rear on an 05 though.

So the fan is only partially engaging? Do you have good air pressure to the solenoid?

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