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  1. Hi, I have a 2005 granite. When it is cold the fan doesn't like to shut off. It proceeds to come on and off continuesly. I took the high pressure switch out of the equation and jumped it with a jumper wire and it didn't change anything. I have replaced the fan solenoid, water temp sensor, oil temp, and the air temp sensors as well, nothing has helped. Any help would be appreciated. I'm afraid it's going to ruin the clutch seeing how its never directly ingauged.
  2. I have a 2005 granite with an AMI 370. I was wondering if anyone had some info on how to test the ambiant/humidity sensor located in the intake tube right after the air filter. Thanks in advance
  3. I have a 05 granite and I recently purchased a cluch fan override switch, since I found the wiring harness in the dash. However it does work and was wondering if there was a relay needed. I can't seem to find anything in the fuse panel. Thanks
  4. Eventually I will probably put a 5" exhaust from the turbo back and a K&N air filter as well
  5. I haven't worked it enough, things are slow now but I did test drive it and on a hard pull in 7th the pyro was at 1025 water was normal 200. The fan didn't come on either.
  6. I just completed installing 2.5 stage injectors, and the turbo to go with it from Rochester. I have an 05 granite AMI 370. She always did good but this Definitely woke her up. I also replaced the exhaust manifold with an older ETECH manifold. I don't have many hrs on everything yet but very happy so far. Pulls great!!
  7. Thanks. I'm not sure where to find that though
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to the group. I have a 2005 cv713 with a AI 370. I was wondering what the fuel pressure should be at idle and operating range. I'm having a little bit of a power issue all of a sudden. Thanks.
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