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Putting CH613 SFA headlights in a 99 RD688S

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Has anyone tried to put SFA CH613 head light housings on a RD688s. I’ve looked at the housing and I think it would work with a little bit of body work and I think it would look really good thinking about trying it. 

Whats your guys thoughts?


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That’s what I was wondering how they went together. They look like one piece. But I’ve never been close to look at one just pictures 

does anyone have one s that can take a picture of the outside then roll the hood over and take a picture of the inside to see how everything mounts 

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What I would like to do is take like a 2000 CH613 SFA headlight assembly and put it on my RD688S hood. I just think it would look cool.

but before I go and jump in with both feet I really need to see a CH613 hood to see how the head light assembly is fitted in the hood. 

If you step back and look there is a lot of resemblance between the two 

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