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Jay Leno’s Garage - Brand New, Never Sold, 1987 Buick GNX


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I just watched that episode last night.  He never really talked about all of the unique features that made this car so much more special than a regular Grand National.

I had the pleasure of getting a ride in a press pool car (GNX #002) when I was friends with Scott Oldham.  Scott's dad was Joe Oldham who was editor for Popular Mechanics and contributor to the classic East Coast magazine Cars Illustrated.  I had a '86 GN w/ T-Tops at the time and the two cars couldn't be more different.

Starting with a suspension with longitudinal torque bar and Panhard rod, full Stewart-Warner gauges, exclusive staggered 16" rims with speed rated Goodyear VR rubber, recalibrated chip, higher efficiency charge air cooler and to top off the whole package, a ceramic blade turbo.  Was the whole package worth an extra $11000 over the price of an '87 GN?  I say yes.  It was worth every penny. Buick had a car that was an instant collectible and dealers were marking them up 10, 15, 20 grand over sticker.

Here is a short story from Hagerty that recalls a neat visit from a then-17 year old Scott.  He was leaving my house heading back to Old Bridge, NJ where he lived at the time.  I wish the pics were better quality but it was dark and the cars were black of course.  It's hard to see but it had Michigan MFG plates.


GNX 002 at my house.jpg

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