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MP8 exhaust manifold replacement

Keffer inc

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So I broke a bolt off the manifold bolt that holds the egr onto the manifold. I couldn't get it out so I'm letting the dealership handle the replacement because I think the actual bolts holding it to the cylinder head would likely break off too. What do you guys think? They also claim that the three piece manifold has to be replaced together because the new single piece probably won't fit into the other existing pieces. The third one (last- egr mount) manifold is the one that's screwed up. $3,600 is the quote for the exhaust manifold to the completely replaced.


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Pull the manifold yourself, I’ve pulled many  and maybe one bolt broke. On the other hand nearly every time I pull an egr valve one will break. Anyway pull the manifold, take it to a machine shop and they’ll get it out or drill and tap the hole

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