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smoke valve on 1980 etz 673 260 hp.


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23 minutes ago, mrsmackpaul said:

I gather this asking about the puff limiter 

Probably best to chuck up a photo of exactly what your talking about, make sure we are all talking about the same doo dah , or doo hickie



If so, there was another discussion...


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There was a cylinder on the frontend that acted against the rack and a line over to the intake. I just plugged the cylinder off. It just holds back a little fuel when you press on the throttle peddle. That end cover has a oring where it is mounted on the pump and mine started to leak you have to pull the pump off to change a 1.00 oring.

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I apologize for being vague in my question. You were correct in assuming I was talking about the puff limiter. My question was answered and explained and helped me out tremendously. The combined knowledge and experience on this site is amazing. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

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