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2013 MP8 fuel in the coolant.


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I'm pretty sure its fuel anyway. I found it while replacing the oil cooler cover, coolant was pouring out the bottom at the front of the engine. It already had the updated cover with metal gasket. I noticed after removing the cover the rectangular rubber gasket where the cover butts up to the rear of the water pump housing was torn and swollen. At that point I pulled the thermostat and the rubber gasket was gone. Anyway I replaced all of the coolant oring seals, they all fit loose and some looked like a rat had been chewing on them. Now I'm replacing the cups and Injector orings. The engine ran fine and the injectors look real clean. I really don't see any bad orings on the cups or injectors. The injectors have two orings on them so assume that are original. I guess I should go back with just the one oring on the injectors like the new ones come. I anyone has anything to add or anything else I haven't considered please chime in. Thanks

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On 5/23/2019 at 7:06 PM, steeler said:

Did the new cups fix the problem?

pretty sure it did, its been on the road for a month. I also put new orings one the injectors

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