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E7 Jake brake

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 Hey all. I have a 95 CL with a 454 E7. The Jake brake activates (both stages) but doesn't seem to hold back the truck much. It's also very quiet. I had it rebuilt but it didn't make any difference. I used to drive a 94 RD with a 350 E7 and even hauling heavy I rarely had to use the brakes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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My 95 e7 350 if I don't use the engine brake while the engine is cool it won't work when it's at temp. Below 170 degrees both heads work. Above that they only work if I used them a lot before getting to 180.

If I didn't use them at all, only one head works at all, and it cuts out and stops working at about 1500rpms.

Solve that e7 engine brake problem. Dash switch says Jacobs, so I assume it's a Jacobs brake.

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