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LRU AC constant problems

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Any of you guys having constant problems out of your LRU model air conditioning constantly?  I've got 11 of these things, and just when I finally figured out how to re-engineer all the issues I was having on the early models, I got a handful of 2018's and they give me a headache constantly.  It's a piss poor engineering design to begin with, but I've got trucks that literally EVERY component checks out on, and they still freeze up, or they suck too much condensation through the module and plug everything up, and the list goes on, and on.  What are some of the things you've found wrong with them? I've got two of these 18 models that are giving me the blues right now.  Freeze switches are good, charge is on the money, heater valves are closed (to isolate the electronic actuators from opening up the heat on their own.....yea, had 2 of them do that already), evaporators clean, pressures on the money when idle/high idle.....they'll take off down the road and an hour later they're froze up.  

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Can you send me those bulletins as well.  I cant find them on Mack impact.  I have a fleet of LR'S and the A/C is terrible on all of them.  Work great in the morning.  then peters off during the day.  The night shift mechanics check it out and it blows 40 degrees.

Please send to tkarkowski@morganrubbish.com

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On 4/30/2019 at 5:59 PM, Mackpro said:

I believe there are a few service bulletins on the LR climate systems. I’ll message you for details 

Hey mackpro is there any way you could email me about the mack bulletin my lr613 ac sucks bad and my dealer is lazy and i only have one dealer in town by me.



thank you for the help

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I searched a lot, from different sources, for a solution that could help me. I think I read all the recommendations from google. I asked all my relatives, friends, and acquaintances for advice. I found three bulletins on the LR HVAC system. There is a little known process for calibrating actuators by airflow. I also decided to contact a good air conditioning repairman. The handyman solved my problem in a split second. I am delighted with the result.

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