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  1. GPWS

    14,000 rpm??

    yes sorry 1,400
  2. GPWS

    14,000 rpm??

    Have a 2105 GU 713. Truck taps out in 2nd gear at 14,000 RPM and when PTO is engaged. All other gears are fine Can anyone help before I send to the dealer.
  3. I have a 2010 GU 713 and the truck has been shutting off while I am driving and the ABS light comes on. This happened about 2 months ago a few times so we took to the dealer They said EGR valve was clogged., so we changed the EGR valve and truck has been running ok Today it shut off twice again. Has anyone have these issues
  4. i am have a problem with 2000 RD 690 overheating We installed new water pump and fan clutch. thermostat- ran good for a few days then it overheated We blew out radiator, inter cooler, changed all sensors on manilfold, new gauges inside the truck radiator reading 190 on top 170 on bottom when it overheats It will run fine for a few hrs then overheats and seems to overheat when we go up a hill Any input??
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