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Oil change requirements 1959 B61 w/711


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Hi all, I am looking to change the engine oil in my 1959 Mack B61 with a 711 thermodyne in it. I am not a mechanic by trade and cannot afford to take it to a shop (I bought it so I could learn by doing anyhow). I have done plenty of oil changes on my day to day vehicles but realize this is a different machine. I haven’t located any service books for my model (at least none that I could afford) so my hope is that someone here would be willing to let me know: what viscosity I need, gallon quantity, and suggested brand of oil. I also need to know what oil filter I would need. My father is a heavy machine mechanic so do not worry about me destroying anything or hurting myself. He is willing to help me if I ask. Unfortunately we are both stumped on these details at the moment. 

Thank you for reading. 

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I would use 15W40 oil designed for diesel engines such as Rotella T.  Depending on what you have, capacity is between 4 and 5 gals.

What filter housing do you have?  There is a Luberfiner type or the clarifier which is a very large canister with three lines.  Two of the lines will be very large at 1" plus in size.  

The clarifier filter is old Mack 236GB311A which crosses to Wix 51233 with Wix 15114 gasket.

I think the Luberfiner is 3090 (?).  Depending on what you have, there is a screen in the oil pan that should be looked at.

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Thank you for the replies. My father and I checked and we agree that I have the clarifier filter. I have ordered the Wix Filter and Gasket and will add a photo of the engine when I can. The truck lives at my parents house since I do not have a large enough garage to fit it in. Again, thank you all for the guidance. I appreciate it. 

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One book shows the oil capacity at 12 qts, and then goes on to say 30 qts with new filters.  Mine has been converted to spin on filters.  Any wisdom on dos and don'ts to share?  This is my first attempt at this, but my oil is super black and thin so it is pretty past due.  Many Thanks,

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