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I guess it's time to retire THAT jacket...


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Neighbor of mine was burning some wood scraps to which he'd added some tires and general garbage about 60 yards from my front window. He decides the fire isn't going good enough so he throws a bit of gas/diesel mixture on it, I here a "boom", look that way and see a human sized torch drop to the ground, then get up still partly ablaze and drop again. I grab an extinguisher and sprint over to check on the neighbor. His "drop and roll" had gotten the flames out, but now he's breathing hard, heart probably racing, and he'd had a previous heart attack. Breathing settled down but I stayed with him awhile just to make sure he was OK and eventually talked him into moving himself and his pickup further than 10 yards away from the fire as aerosol cans kept cooking off. I went back home and a deputy sheriff stopped and talked with him and left, apparently satisfied that he was OK.

He finally went home and saw that parts of his clothes had completely burned through and he had burns there. Wife took him to the local ER and they referred him to Hennipen County Medical Center in Minneapolis, the regional burn center. He spent a day or two there and is back home. IIRC, Carhart makes "flame resistant" clothing, but it'll eventually burn like any other "flame resistant" clothing. Treat fire with respect, don't burn compressed flammables, etc., and a day's stay in a burn ward is a lot more expensive than taking aerosol cans to the county landfill for proper disposal.

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Minnesota, or anywhere, natural selection is still culling the human race.

Years back I was holed-up in my ice shack fishin, up there, Leech Lake. Bright red drunk person was running around on the ice with only a jock strap on. You consciously have to decide if it’s worth intervention. In that case the crawfish had a big meal’a com’in in spring. 

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