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brake can repair


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Nothing wrong with that vid rider Good job buddy! I didn't listen to the audio! and you may have mentioned this , With just  hand tools it would likely take a tad longer than 10 mins  but definitely Worth Packing the pieces!  A good investment in my opinion .is A battery powered 1/2 inch impact . And an extra  deep  3/4 impact socket  Made for the release bolt. Makes the job a snap!👍   

There are some shortcuts  to that project  however you got the point across! If A person is smart he/she  packs a spare Piggyback kit in the truck ! 


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there are defiantly some short cuts really you can just back the break off all the way and pop the band clamp the return spring does not have that much pressure and the push rod for the park break does not reach the back side of the break can. but the more ways you can isolate the energy the better and i don't want to get someone hurt. 


i keep a spare half can and pancake in my jockey box. because its not near as common practice as it used to be they are not kept in stock a whole lot of places anymore. but iv bought an entire 3030 brake can before just to take the piggy back off of it to install it in a parking lot. 


the video isn't bad some of the edits are a little chunky and could have made it flow a little better but it takes a lot of extra time to make video's between the time moving setting up camera's explaining things then editing any voice over ect. i just kinda put that one out without some of the fine tuning of the finished product but the information is all there. 

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Gr8 info

U make it look to easy

IF U kno watcha doing U can chok the wheels n normally release the parking brake instead of play n with the emergency rod that is all full of crud

we normally wait till we in shop n take the booster off n use shop air to realese brake n jam the push rod in the vice when fully extendered



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