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def problem help please!


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2011 mack chu 613 007700

truck was running perfect waiting in hay field to load, came back would turn over but not fire up def gauge reads empty on dash but tank is full read these 2 codes as active faults

ppid:278 fmi:9

psid: 200 fmi:9

is there a gauge on tank like fuel gauge? is there a way to bypass to get truck out of field? Thanks

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Double check battery cables as DEF ECM has its own small power wire and fuse right on top of the battery. See if you can read engine hours on the dash display under trip info. DEF level issue won't keep engine from starting. If you can't read engine hours, engine ECM is not powering up or communication issues 

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Check engine ecm fuse in kick panel by clutch pedal. We have a test ecm we throw on a truck for problems like this. As theses trucks are getting older , we are starting to see engine ecm' s go out. The new ECM's are totally blank when they come in so it won't even start until programmed. 

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 Yup ! The Harness! this is  another on going issue that seems to never got dealt with,  Coolant push and oil push is quite common on these !

Oil or Coolant can be pushed up the wire from various failed or failing dollarstore sensors used on the engine and expansion tank right back to the ECU! 

However in your case the it looks as thou there was no coolant evidence or oil Did you clean it out?

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