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got the jaguar out for the first time this year.

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That 's a killer piece!  Damn!

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i ended up making a jag video sooner than i planned. i had planned to save that footage for a carb tuning video im planning on doing but i got a little excited and made a early video....lol i ordered some different stuff online for that so i have to wait till that shows up its got a really bad lean spot at steady state throttle just slightly accelerating so i ordered some different power valves also ordered a holly vacuum secondary spring quick change kit (hoping it will work on the summit racing house carb (motorcraft shoebox knock off) 

Excellent man thanks for sharing...bob

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carb tuning went well. going to a power valve that opens sooner cured my part throttle lean spot now driving never drops leaner than about 14.7:1 at part throttle.  wide open pulls low 12:1's will hit about 11.9:1 right threw the very top end. i may still go one size larger jet in the primary's to bump a little more safety margin in. and maybe 1-2 jet sizes smaller in the secondary's. try to keep the in the mid 12:1's threw the top end the holly quick change secondary kit fit the summit carb perfectly was able to go all the way to the lightest "white" secondary spring with no bog or hesitation at all. 


i stuck a camera on the speedometer and did a 0-60 test laid that video over a old one i recorded a while back and its almost a full second faster than the old test now. 5.15 seconds 0-60 on asphalt with regular street tires. 


not sure exactly when ill be able to Finnish putting the video together. fertilizer season went from 0-60 lol this last week here so iv been beating loads off with a stick trying to keep up. 

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