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Massive Mack Muster for Kyabram

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Owner-Driver  /  February 26, 2018

All brands of truck are welcome at the Kyabram Mack Muster on March 17 and 18.

Are Mack lovers the most passionate truck enthusiasts in Australia? Mangoplah mechanic Dave Willis thinks so. He’s anticipating a mammoth turnout for the 2018 Kyabram Mack Muster on March 17 and 18, 2018.

Dave is organising the event with Tim Daws and John Laffan, in conjunction with the Kyabram Vintage Engine & Machinery Restoration Group’s annual rally.

The muster takes place at the Kyabram Showgrounds, Kyabram, in the Goulburn Valley, Victoria – about 40km from Shepparton.

The showground gates will open on Friday, March 16, for those determined not to miss any of the weekend action. And a barbecue will be held at the showgrounds on Friday night.

Dave is still deciding which of his many Macks he will polish up for the muster – probably a Flintstone, Super-Liner and a couple of F models.

The oldest Mack at the muster will possibly be David Daws’ 1923 AC. But Dave Willis says the event is not just for old Macks. "It’s open to all ages and conditions of Macks. And in fact it’s open to all makes of truck as well – not just Macks."

Kyabram local, Jim Ristovichis, plans to take his Super-Liner, ‘Fruit Express’. Jim bought Fruit Express in the late 1980s and the Super-Liner won about 17 truck show trophies when it was new. It has had five other owners since then. Jim bought it back recently and is determined to have a major restoration completed in time for the muster.

Bookings are essential for the official dinner on Saturday night which will feature guest speakers with a wealth of knowledge about Mack trucks. Dave warns the dinner will possibly be booked out before the weekend.

For more information about the Mack Muster, phone Dave Willis (0428 692 753), John Laffan (0427 484 247) or Tim Daws (0458 868 988); or visit the Kyabram Mack Muster Facebook page.

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quite the tilt deck you got there

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