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RW Air conditioning


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I’ve been looking for a compressor bracket for mine for a few years now can’t buy from Mack anymore . compressor is still available .  Have part # for mine but I’m goong to end up fabricating a bracket eventually . 

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Mine is supposed to have the Sunnen compressor .   I had a Delo compressor and bracket on my spare E9 took it off years ago and put it up in the shop but can’t find it thinking my dad or brothers must have pitched it on me otherwise I’d use it .  

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I have an 866 and don't know if the bracket is the same on an E-9 for a Sanden compressor. it mounts low and to the right side of the engine, (facing from rear) It is on the engine and I would want it back or could copy and make you one.

I've not seen an A-6 compressor on an E-9 myself. Seen several "York" and Sanden through the years as the A-6 was pretty much done about 1974 in the automotive world being replaced by the A-4,  but I'm not certain about trucks.

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