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A silly question????


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 I was watching these videos on youtube where these guys have swapped in Eaton and Fuller 9 and ten speed transmissions into there 1 ton trucks behind newer Cummins 5.9 L engines. I would have never thought of such a thing! How hard ( or impossible) would it be to do the but instead of a 9 speed Road Ranger, one swapped in a Mack Duplex or Triplex or even a quadraplex? I just think, why not, it might be fun! What do you think? might be fun!

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You can do anything you want.  I wouldn't bother. 

Not to say that a Fuller (or whatever brand) is a light transmission but a Mack Duplex/Triplex/Quad box weighs a LOT.  So, after you spend a bunch of money for the conversion and buying all the parts needed and custom fabrication ($$$$$), your pickup will be about 2,000 lbs heavier.

For the same money spent on conversion, you could buy a Mack B, L or R hobby truck and do some two stick shifting.

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Or you could do a gear vendor over drive which would double the amount of gears you have without doing a big conversion or adding hardly any weight.  I know a guy who has one in a 93 dodge with a 12valve in it. He loves it. 

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