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Fire truck suspension


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We own a warehouse and rented a section out to a guy that repairs fire trucks. Looking at the tandem fire trucks that come in and out, they all are running either Hendrickson air ride or some other walking beam/air hybrid.

I’m wondering why this is? I would have thought they would just have standard air ride, unless things like pumpers go off-road more than I figured.

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Good question, but my guess is it has to do with reliability and cost. We used air ride suspensions in all of our 40 plus EMS units, but not on the heavy stuff. Ride quality and the ability to lower the unit to make it easier to load a cot were why we used them for ambulances. Neither benefit was needed on the heavy stuff like pumpers and ladders.


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With Raydan or the Hendrickson walking beam air ride, which is a Raydan knock off you get the ride of air but the stability of a walking beam and the articulation, fantastic for heavy haul work, you can buy from Hendrickson a kit to convert most RT suspensions to air, cost a little but is a sweet setup.  

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