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Failed manafold gasket ? safe to drive it 1000 miles home?

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Question for you guys. Friend just called me with a question on a company truck they run. It has a exhaust leak at the head/manifold.. its a Electronic Cat (Think its a C15 or 3406E) He wanted to know if its safe to drive it 1000 miles home to have it fixed or if it will burn up a turbo or valve going that far? I had told him it can be a risk depending how bad the leak was with wires or hoses near the leak......but then thought about how many trucks I drove that had leaks near the head that ran fine for years.....reason Im on the fence about him driving it home is that on my 77' Mack I bought 10 years ago had a failed gasket. when replacing the gasket I found out I had a bad turbo housing. the failed manifold gasket may have caused my hpusing issue as it melted the diverter plate in the snail all the way around. Anyone seen this same issue from a failed gasket before? can it burn up a valve? He has a day to make up his mind before the trip home.


Thank you


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Yup if hes empty shouldn't be a problem a light foot will help! as for Your turbo that issue is from lack of air/ boost to much fuel . THat is an example of why you have a pyrometer gauge!

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