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Bad Ground?

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Restoring a 86 DM 800, installed the cab after paint and now have issues with lights. All the lights and blinker switch are new.Blinkers work until I turn the ignition on, roof lights are dim.I think it’s a ground issue. I have a good ground to the terminal strips on the firewall but I’m thinking because everything was disassembled for paint, I don’t have a good ground to the dash? Should I run another ground to the dash? Where should it go?


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Ahhhh..... electrical issues.  Adding another ground never hurts.  I have found GM A bodies were always notorious for needing another ground to the dash.  I have a length of wire with alligator clips for testing things out.  So i would use it to make a temporary ground and see what that gets you. 

You may have already double or triple checked your work but I was chasing a problem and had connected the dimmer switch on a B incorrectly and it was back feeding the harness causing gremlins.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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