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Looking for info on injector pumps on the endt864 .My question is ,I the lift pump is integrated into the injector pump on my unit.an it has failed.I have installed a electric pump to diagnose the issue .This corrected the issue but I would like to know if the internal lift pump was a gear or diafram design.if it is a diafram I could be passing fuel into the motor oil.I have not been able to locate any one who knows any thing about the bosch american pump of this arra.

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Bit behind with seeing this post, and not sure if I can help you, but... I to have the ENDT864 engine in my R719LS

If you google 'american bosch V8 diesel', then this website comes up.


I've no idea if this is any good or not as I've never tried to open it....you have to 'sign up', and I did not want nor need to.

There was also somebody selling some PSM rotary Bosch pumps in eBay.  Item 321248648864.  But do pay $600 !  Offer less than $200 and they may well sell at that......

Would you be able to tell me if you do have a R712LS as opposed to the R700 ?  Thought the ENDT864 (twin turbo V8) was only fitted to the R712LS - maybe 272 of them made ?  Not a brilliant engine, it seems...




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The poster had not been on since March so he probably won't see this.  I don't have an answer for his question but the ENDT864 was available in the R719.  A member, Dan Thomas, has one.  It was also available in the CF719 which they made 12 of.  I have #9.  I believe it was also available in other models but do not have the documentation in front of me.  I am pretty certain that any truck with the 19 suffix had the ENDT864.  The 12 should be for 300 plus, unless it is a newer truck then it stands for tandem axle.  I'm not an expert though.     Mike. 

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Thanks for comments. 

I suppose whether the poster sees my comments might depend if he has a copy automatically sent to his email address and how often it's checked.  or they might regularly check the BMT website for replies.... ?

You are probably right about the '719' being the ENDT864.

I made an error on the last paragraph by referring to '712' instead of '719' (I keep getting them mixed up - must be an age thing....)

It sure seems that the ENDT864 (of which not a huge number were ever made) is quite thin on the ground these days.  There is mine (in England), another in the States (NEK, Holliston) from the same batch as mine sent to Campanella of Warwick, Rhode Island, the two axle R series of Dan Thomas, plus your CF and, I believe, one or two other Fire Appliance versions.  Plus might be one or two in Australia left ?   Maybe a B series or two still about with the ENDT864.

Mine is kinda running OK - bit dribbly now, but always starts on the button no matter how long it is left standing.  Don't think it is knocking out 300ish hp though...  220,000 on the clock, which is prob correct considering it's use as short haul sand and gravel in its working days.  Complete truck still passes the UK VOSA test for trucks each year- same test as modern Volvo, Scani, Mercs etc

How is your doing ?


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