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55 minutes ago, davehummell said:

I was offered an ape used pump to me for 1,000.00 I think the guy is to high , I am sending mine to be tested and I am told there is no repair parts for them. I may need it but I don't want to overpay. It is for a end 673. Thanks Dave

For a used pump with no history it is too high priced IMO. The existing parts for your pump can be rebuilt and repaired if you can find a talented guy whom takes pride in their work. It is true there are no plungers and barrels left in regular inventory but like my V8 pump, they can be rebuilt. I used a company in Mexico and they did a wonderful job on building up the plungers and barrels. I made about half of the gaskets for the pump and sourced the seals locally by size and rebuilt it myself. I then sent the reassembled pump into a calibration shop and had it calibrated for timing and fuel delivery. It cost $125.00 plus shipping to have each plunger and barrel hard chromed and lapped to correct sizing and all other parts were reused except the pins and bushings in the governor. I had the pins made from W1 steel and ground to proper size and had a custom reamer sized for the bushings. The truck, (water wagon) runs like a "scalded dog" when you get into it as it should. I have less than $1250.00 in everything all inclusive. Relatively cheap for something long obsolete.

If I were looking at a pump core I'd look to give no more than $250.00 for it if it turned and didn't have plungers stuck.

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