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1976 F250

General Ike

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I'm considering buying my brothers very nice original 1976 Ford F-250. It has a four-speed behind a 390 and first gear is useless because it's a creeper gear. I know that I could put a five speed from more modern truck into it, but I really would prefer to back it with an aux box or an overdrive and have the second stick in the cab. It's 100% the cool factor of having twin sticks. I've always enjoyed the fire trucks I've driven that were twin stick.

Any thoughts on what to do?

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I had a 1974 Ford 350 with a 460 engine and a four speed. I put a two speed trans in it which went between the bell housing and four speed. The speedometer cable stayed in the four speed so no change there. It had an electric shift out of an Eaton two speed axle which the button mounted on the gear shift lever. The later ones had a shift lever. You did not need all 8 speeds. Unless loaded you could start in first gear and high side of the aux. I mostly split third and fourth gears as there was a big gap there. On the interstate I ran fourth gear and high side. These were available as over or under drive units and would work with 4 wheel drive. I ran it for a few years pulling a 25' goose neck trailer with no problems. It was fun to play with. Originally these were called Bendix Dualmatic I think. It used some of the same gears and parts as were in the four speed. Last I heard Advanced Adapters in Calf. were handling  these. Like mentioned Gear Vendors has something and also Mitchel. Advanced Adapters at one time had some used ones for sale.

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Little aux's. are out there.  Just have to find one.

Gear Vendors are popular, but it won't give you a second stick.  Pricey too.  I was sniffing around one back when I had my new 2000 PSD 6spd dually.  But at near $3K dollars it was out of my price range.



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