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2001 RD688

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About to pull the trigger on a decent RD from afar and since I have almost no knowledge of Mack trucks save for moving snow with a friends Granite a couple years ago (love that Mack transmission for its reverse) and some off-road work with a B81 when I was a kid.....then there was riding shotgun "learning" how to shift a quad box by watching for hours as me and this old timer plowed snow.....I have only owned 2 Cummins powered internationals with excellent results. 


Back to the subject.......This truck needs some cosmetics but seems real nice mechanically, excellent service records and quite clean with a heavy single frame. Much better for us up here in the rust belt.

So what should I know about this truck before I spend the coin and have it shipped?

Mack 350 engine

Eaton Fuller 9LL with OD

Rubber block suspension (looks like hendrickson or "Bolster" suspension)

53K Mack rears 4.42 ratio

I'm not hearing much negative save for a warning that these engines are noted for eating cams and the stock cam is (was) the only replacement

This truck will be a septic pumper. Door to door daily work with brief stretches of 70mph highway runs to and from the sewer plant. Any free advice appreciated




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I did take a road trip and look for myself. When I said "afar" I just meant the truck was not near me. I'm happy with what I saw, just not familiar with the Macks and thought I would ask opinions of those who do know these trucks. Like I said, the only "watch out for" advice I have gotten is possible soft cams in the 350. If anyone has info though, I'm all ears.

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