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UPS Ford F-650

Red Horse

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14 hours ago, Red Horse said:


I recall someone posted a picture of a new UPS Ford F-650 box.  I can't find the thread now.  Any clues?

Look under "Trucking News", "News - Ford Medium Duty Trucks", posted October 28, 2016.


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Thx guys.  Very interesting that UPS springs for V-10 powered 650's.  Any OAP employees on this thread that might have a clue on size of UPS order?

On another note, I was talking to a guy at a Mass steel service center yesterday.  These guys have a number of new 750 Power Strokes in service.  typical like 20 ft flatbeds.  They replaced a bunch of older Cummins powered 750's.  In a word, "no problems".   He went on to elaborate-no problems compared to the old ones-constant issues involving the issues associated with the emissions issues and the regen/def BS.  Ford dealer would say "take it to Cummins" and Cummins would say "take it to Ford."

No issues from a driver perspective. 

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