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Steve Schmidt78


Here's a question out there.

I have a 2004 Mack CX613 and have been having nothing but problems with the VGT turbo and the EGR system. Have been making calls on a possible way to get rid of the VGT turbo and the EGR system. So far, what I found is the 04/05 CV Granite did not have emissions on it, and that everything from the CV will bolt right up to my CX. I'm just trying to see if anyone has done this before with success, or if its worth the money spent to do so. Any information is helpful. Thank you in advance.


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6 hours ago, 39 Baby Mack said:

Isn't there also a difference in the camshaft between the two engines?


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yup the engine would run fine with all the stuff he wants to do with that cam how ever the huge  bag of money you would spend to get there ain't worth it!

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We did it, and it was worth every penny! In my area the VGT Turbos are $2400 alone, plus labor and down time....had about $4k in the entire deal. It's not easy but it can be done. Fjh is correct, ECU and wiring harness need to be changed along with cab ECU. Get a schematic from an 02 and from your 04 and study it. You'll also need manifold and turbo and I highly recommend NOT using the old Detroit style turbo that some of the diesel shops push. They will bolt right up but the torque curve is not the same so the turbo winds up later in the torque curve on the Mack, thus it has little to no power. The $800 price tag + no core is appealing but it won't work as well. Find a buddy willing to give you a junk turbo for a core and get the OEM Mack one to put on it. 

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