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1984 Mack 6cylinder Mack motor,Emissions Control ID plate says it is ENDTB676 283HP. The Injector pump is 313GC5173P10.

Engine casting # 239GB5358C....

When you pull up the numbers on it, says 673,when you contact Mack Garages they can not find any information on this 1979 engine with after coolers. 

What I am try to find out about this motor,is what type is it? Is it a Maxidine, Thermodine? How many HP? And most of all, what injectors go in it? Mack says, 736GB337P5 which are now obsolete....What injectors go in it, and which ones can I put in it? Where is the Engine ID plate?

Maxidine engines have 2 oil filters, mine has three....what is the difference?

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An ENDTB676 is a Maxidyne with 283 (285) HP.  Injector 736GB250AP7X is listed for an American Bosch pump and 736GB254P4X or 736GB321P1X for a Robert Bosch pump.  Due to the age, you probably will have better luck dealing with an independent fuel injection shop to get parts.

ESI engines have 2 filters and a 28 qt capacity oil pan.  ESI Plus engines have 3 filters and a 51 qt capacity oil pan.  The Maxidyne engine could be set up either way.

Your injector number 736GB337P5 is showing it is for a Mack EM6 300L 4VH engine application.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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