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Full stainless fenders with Reyco suspension


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I would like to install full stainless fenders on my R model tandem axle tractor.  It has the Reyco spring ride suspension from factory.  The equalizer is located where I would have to put the center support for the fender.  Looking for anyone with advise as how to mount this bracket or anyone that has installed full fenders on a truck with Reyco suspension. Thanks. 

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I've never liked the primitive way full fenders are mounted in North America, rigidly to the frame without any insulation at the frame mounting point. The every day road shock beats them to death. The fender supporting tubes should be mounted into frame mounts with rubber insulation within (e.g. picture below), or the tubes rigidly mounted to the chassis with rubber insulation at the fender mounting points, so as to allow a bit of "give".

That said, I'd start by contacting Betts or Minimizer in the states and explain your Reyco 102W 4-spring mounting situation. Also, can you attach a bracket (s) under the top of the 5th wheel mounting angles?






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Kscarbel,I agree that the fenders,stainless,aluminum,or fiberglass need some sort of flexible or cushioning mounts.Many I've seen are cracked and broken! Especially with spring ride suspension. Also when mounting them consideration into the suspension travel to prevent the tires from rubbing on the fenders.

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