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Freightliner introduces next-generation Cascadia


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Freightliner Puts New Cascadia into Production

Heavy Duty Trucking  /  February 1, 2017

Freightliner Trucks has begun production of its new Cascadia tractor, starting with 126-inch BBC Day Cab and 72-inch Raised Roof Sleeper Cab models.

The new Cascadia debuted in Sept. 2016 and boasts up to an 8% fuel economy increase in certain configurations over a similarly spec’d 2016 Cascadia Evolution, according to teh OEM.

Freightliner said the truck was designed and engineered with an emphasis on improving six real cost of ownership elements: fuel efficiency, safety, connectivity, quality, uptime, and driver experience.

The truck will be available in a wide variety of cab configurations with driver living space options that can be customized to the needs of the application.

“It’s exciting to see trucks rolling off the assembly line and being delivered to customers. The new Cascadia delivers fuel efficiency, connectivity, safety, quality and a premium driver experience for our customers,” said Kary Schaefer, general manager, marketing & strategy for Daimler Trucks North America.


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Today's Trucking  /  May 29, 2017

This six-video series looks closely at Freightliner's New Cascadia. It's not a rework or a remake of the popular Cascadia, but clean-page design that improves much of what made the Cascadia popular. Fuel efficiency is said to be 8 percent better than the current Evolution model and a whopping 13 percent better than the base-model Cascadia. In this video, number four in a six-part series, we dig into the Cascadia's fuel saving potential and explore the technology that makes those savings possible.

Click on the link below to watch all six 2018 New Cascadia videos, along with our full line-up of Ultimate Test Drive videos.



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New Cascadia driving higher penetration of proprietary components

James Menzies, Truck News  /  July 27, 2017

Orders for the new Cascadia have now surpassed those for its predecessor, and buyers of the new truck are increasingly adopting proprietary powertrain components and safety systems.

“Within the next couple weeks, we will crest 10,000 builds with the new Cascadia already,” Mike McHorse, Freightliner product marketing segment manager, on-highway, said during a business update here today.

Production of the new Cascadia began in January and was slowly ramped up through March.

McHorse said customer are confirming Freightliner’s claims of an 8% fuel economy improvement over the classic Cascadia.

Interestingly, the new Cascadia, despite coming at a price premium, is being spec’d with more Daimler-made parts. The take rate for the DT12 automated transmission is at 94% with the new Cascadia, compared to 68% in classic Cascadias. The Detroit Assurance suite of active safety systems is being ordered in 59% of new Cascadias, compared to 25% of legacy models. And the new Cascadia is rolling off the line with more Detroit front (91%) and rear (74%) axles, compared to the legacy models with 65% and 42%, respectively.

Freightliner continues to expand offerings on the new model, most recently adding a 116-inch BBC day cab, a 72-inch raised roof sleeper, the Cummins X15 engine, and Eaton automated manual transmissions. A new driver loft is also now in production. More options will be announced this fall at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show, McHorse added.

Freightliner has also updated its Team Run Smart website, and will be bringing in its 50,000th member within a month or two. The new, simplified website, now features three sections: Live Smart; Business Smart; and Truck Smart.

Live Smart focuses on living a healthy lifestyle on the road, and includes nutritional and exercise advice. Business Smart provides tools for owner-operators to be more successful in running their businesses. And Truck Smart shares insights and tips on how to drive efficiently. A group of Run Smart pros share tips on how to maximize fuel economy, spec’ trucks, and live a healthy life on the road.

Truckers can sign up for free and receive a weekly newsletter and participate in an online forum. You don’t have to be a Freightliner customer to join.

“Our hope is that as they become more successful and start to look for a new truck, or to add to their fleet, that they put Freightliner into consideration when doing that,” McHorse said. The new site can be found at www.TeamRunSmart.com.


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Production of New Freightliner Cascadia Ramps Up

Transport Topics  /  July 31, 2017

YOUNTVILLE, Calif. — Freightliner Trucks has ramped up production of its updated Cascadia model and has begun to roll out additional variations and options for the truck.

The new Cascadia, unveiled in September 2016, entered production in January and was on track to surpass 10,000 units during August, the original equipment manufacturer said.

Kary Schaefer, general manager of marketing and strategy at Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), touted the model’s early market reception at a July 27 press event here.

Freightliner is the flagship brand of DTNA.

“We focused on delivering the lowest cost of ownership, which includes a great driver experience and leading fuel efficiency,” she said.

DTNA measured an 8% fuel efficiency improvement over a similarly spec’d 2016 Cascadia Evolution, and fleet customers have been confirming those fuel economy benefits, with one fleet reporting that it is averaging more than 9 miles per gallon with its trucks, Schaefer said.

“We have had several fleets tell us that the new Cascadia has helped strengthen their driver recruiting efforts,” she added, citing the look of the truck, its handling, visibility, ergonomics and interior design.

Schaefer also highlighted the updated Cascadia’s use of Detroit’s connected vehicle technology, including the Virtual Technician remote diagnostics service.

Mike McHorse, on-highway product marketing manager for Freightliner, said take rates on Detroit components have increased on the new Cascadia compared with its predecessor.

Customers have spec’d the DT12 automated manual transmission on 94% of the new Cascadias ordered through July 7, versus about 68% on the older Cascadia.

Adoption rates for the Detroit Assurance safety system also have increased. About 59% of new Cascadia orders included Assurance 4.0, compared with 25% penetration of Assurance 2.0 on the classic Cascadia.

While DTNA has been a major proponent of in-house powertrains — urging customers to choose Detroit engines, axles and transmissions on their Freightliners and Western Stars — the company does allow room for customer choice. In July, DTNA introduced new product options for Cascadias, including the Cummins Inc. X15 engine and the Eaton Advantage automated manual transmission.

The company also now offers its “driver loft,” featuring opposing seats and a table that fold down in seconds, and a full-size Murphy bed.

“It’s a great utilization of space,” said McHorse, who described the loft as a driver recruiting and retention tool. “It’s almost become a recreational vehicle experience within that truck.”

DTNA plans to showcase variations and options for the new Cascadia at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show, scheduled for Sept. 25-28 in Atlanta.


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