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Truckerfest 2005 In Reno Video


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Hi Friends,

Every year, the company I work for allows me to enter the TruckerFest show in Reno. I am allowed to make some changes to the truck (chicken lights and the like) and take a couple of extra days off to have a blast at the event. The only problem I can see is that there are no other Mack's in the show.

You can check out the video here!

I am looking for something that I can bring to the show of my own that will get more Mack owners to show up. Maybe that 1960 G model that is for sale would make a nice/different show truck!

Don :bulldog1:

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Hey Don, I see you drive a very nice :mack1: CH. Is it possible to send me some detailled pictures (digitally) so I can build a :mack1: CH after the pictures. I'm an enthousiastic modeller. Would be great to have some pictures from the engine compartment, interiour, backside of the cab, front with opened hood any angle. Thanks in advance. I wont be able to build in your colors but it would be highly appreciated.

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Hey Don,

Liked the video. Looks like there were some nice trucks there. Your Mohawk truck looks really nice. Good to still see striping on a truck instead of just plain old white. :thumb: Post some still shots of it when you get a chance. A G model will definately stand out at the shows. But then again, almost any cabover will. Not too many left, let alone being restored. Good luck finding a truck of your own. Keep us updated.


Findlay, Ohio USA

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