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  1. Good idea for a thread... Let me add mine to the fold. The engine still runs but the frame is twisted and the hood is on the 5th wheel. Don
  2. FANTASTIC!!! That is a fine looking Mack. Great job. How about some more views of it so we can drool on the computer some more? Don
  3. Amazing Rig! I need one of those .... anybody got a line on something similar? Don
  4. Tonight is the Parade of Lights in Downtown Reno. We are going to shoot lots of video and post it tomorrow. Wish you were all here, we could have had a Mack Fand BBQ! Don
  5. Hi Friends.... Here are some photo's I took on day one at TruckerFest in Reno, Nevada. The weather is great and so is the compettition. But..... where are all the Macks? As usual, I am the only one in the show. http://flickr.com/photos/renotahoeshows/se...57594223522974/ Don
  6. I leave out of Reno for Sacramento about 2 AM Sunday night. Can't miss me in the Mohawk truck. If you see me, I am on CB 19 and answer to whatever suits you. Usually it's Mohawk or Don... Don
  7. Hi Friends, Anyone else bringing a truck to TruckerFest in Reno next week? Let me know if you will be here and we can have a coffee and talk Mack's. Don
  8. Finally someone that spends as much time taking pictures as I do. Drop by and lets talk "CH" sometime! Don http://www.bigwheelsrolling.com IM @ nevtuckers
  9. Nice. Must have been new or someone had spent tghe week polishing her. Don
  10. Man... I have to find a SuperLiner near me to fix up. I can't tell you the last time I even saw one in Reno. It's like there is no interest in Mack's here. Now let's see, where are all those SuperLiners for sale? Don http://www.bigwheelsrolling.com
  11. Amazing details. Hard work and extra attention really pay off when a project looks like this. Don
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