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  1. Don, try Truckpaper.com -- over 35,000 trucks of all types/styles. I was lucky to find a 2001 with 195K miles.
  2. Damn, hell to get old!! My error -- 618-566-8318. John
  3. Thanks again Rick - fax to 618-566-8316 attn: John Yoder. John
  4. Purchased her on 21 June 2006 as an RV hauler for our 5th wheel RV that weighs approximately 17K. Truck is a 2001 with 195K miles and had not been used for approximately 8 months. In her previous life, she was used to transport trinkets/merchandise to NASCAR races. Have all the original operator and accessory booklets, including the build sheet and delivery checklist. I don't have a spec sheet for the E7, 427HP Mack engine. I've added 30amp shore power, AC wiring, and a converter. John
  5. Thanks Rick! That's what I was looking for -- do you have additional info on this engine you could provide? John
  6. Thanks Lmackattack -- been there already and that information is for the ASET engine. I'm not sure if it applies to the E7 engine.
  7. Recently purchased a 2001 CX612 with the E7 427hp engine and have been trying to locate the engine specifications for torque and RPMs, etc. This truck is a single axle and has 195,000 miles -- used by a NASCAR affiliate to transport merchandise to NASCAR races. Truck and drivetrain components are in outstanding condition given the age of the truck. I've converted the truck into an RV hauler. Thanks in advance for any help. John
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