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anybody on here from OSHKOSH? Our big Martin Mars water bomber is there for your air show.no tv coverage out here but would like to know if your going to keep it and how well it was received. we have the two of them (only ones left) . I've fought many forrest fires under them and they are very impressive.they can put 6000 gals of water on a fire with pin point ackracy.

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the flight down there was partly financed by pilot check rides, a certain gent from Florida is rumoured to want one really bad, the US Navy is now waiting until after the election before they decide on the blue one... over two years pursuing a deal, plane repainted to their spec and readied for a ferry flight...go figure. The world of Warbirds is a strange world for sure..

there will never be a shortage of cameras at Oshkosh...

BC Mack


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