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Still having Detroit problems

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My bad; I thought when I first read it was running & shutting down; didn't know what application it was in either; atlas-copco had bunch of air compressors with ddec 92's & they had shut downs on them; they would cranck & run & shut down

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The is in an e one junker firetruck rear engine it acts to me like a relay kickin out but to find it is going to be a chore it has fuse panels all over an none are marked if i jump directly at starter an it starts that should tell me i have a bad wire or relay somewere in the 3 mile long wire harness. Correct? 

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Ok first of all can anybody tell me how to move this topic to electric fourm? An for shits an grins i put old computer back in truck fired right up so i call the place that remaned the computer an they now tell me i have to have a computer/scan tool hooked to truck to program it after they told me it was plug an play does anybody know of anyone in western pa with such tool cause last guy was 400/ hour

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