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TQE Mulitplier Lug Wrench


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Been looking at these torque multiplier lug wrenches. I like to keep a tire changing kit handy when traveling with my antiques. Two I have don't have air on board, so I was looking at this as a travel option. Anyone like these? Is there a brand I should get or stay away from. They seem to start on the web at $60 and go from there.


Thanks in advance, Tim


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I think they are all pretty much the same. They certainly work a treat, but I've never used them to tighten the nuts, just remove them. 

I'd buy from a tool shop, just for ease of returning if you need too. 

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I just got one of these.....


in Canada it is a different number


  • BL™ Motor delivers 740 ft.lbs. of fastening torque and 1,180 ft.lbs of breakaway torque

comes in 3/4 drive too, three adjustments for settings.

tried it out on my hub pilot nuts, 500 ft/lbs and they came off easy

read a lot of on-line reports before I bought it, seems to have been launched in uk and oz before n.america

tool only is much cheaper if you have the batts, I do...

anyone else have one?

will it work in a scrapyard on rusty nuts??? I've got some budds on a bus for twenty years, may use that for a test this summer.

I was ready to load my truck with airlines, rattle air gun, breaker bars etc... but I think this may serve as a puncture kit... no idea how it would last in a busy shop but Milwaukee have one, been out a year and my supplier said he had only one returned... for being TOO powerful..!!


BC Mack

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I've been looking at the multipliers also. I've seen all the vids and by the looks of it, my 7 year old could spin them right off. As we all know though, the vids can be deceiving. 

The by far worst to remove is stud pilot buds that have been on awhile. I've broken 1" drive ratchets trying to get them off on the side of the road and then you have the one or two inner nuts that want to come off with the outer.

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This is the type of kit I was referring to. My dad has a 3/4 to 1 inch adapter and has used it to to do a diff yoke. image.jpeg

Althought just last night I used the Milwaukee 3/4 rattle gun. Boy has that thing got some grunt!

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That's exactly the kit I was talking about. All my trucks have stud pilot wheels on them. Can never ever break them without air. Do these kits work as well as stated. Just want to have a kit on board incase of a road side emergency.

I never thought about the battery operated Makita idea. Have a 3/8 inch impact like that, I didn't know they made larger.


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