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rod and main bearing match e6-350


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replacing rod and mains on a 1985 e6-350. mack parts say the bearings that i took out are wrong part # main-64GB326      62GB312 rod.  they are saying theses bearings do not match engine, but cant tell me what they go to. question   could  this motor have a different crank. could it run for 5 years with the wrong bearings. do i go back with these part numbers or what the book calls for. help is much appreciated. 

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Do you have an E6-350 2-valve or 4-valve ?  (We still built both in 1985)

I'm a sales guy, but the legendary Mack parts numbering system having been as brilliantly straightforward and simple as it was, I vaguely recall:

62GB2382 P1 (standard size) for E6-350 2VH

62GB2393P1 (standard size) for E6-350 4VH

These are the part numbers for a set. The actual stamped part number is for a bearing half, which you never could buy separately. Your Mack parts representative can supercede the stamped number on the rod bearing half to the set part number. You stated 62GB312 (the other half being 62GB313).......that's a 62GB2393......a rod bearing for a 4VH E6-350.

Main bearing sets didn't change, so a 215SB72DP1 kit (standard size).

If you need oversize, the "P" variation will be different.

And if need be, source your rod and main bearings from the good folks at Watts Mack.


I thank legendary Mack Trucks chief engineer and vice president Alfred Fellows Masury for creating the best parts numbering system that the global truck industry ever knew. I pity the Mack parts people today who are bogged down with meaningless Volvo global part numbers you can't remember.

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Well my friend, you do have a strange situation.

A 2-valve E6-350 should use 62GB2382 rod bearings (and the same 215SB72DP1 main bearing kit).

You have an MH, right? The first MHs, built in 1984, had 2-valve E6-350s because the 4-valve hadn't yet come on line. In 1985, with MH production on full swing, we only installed 4-valve E6-350s (which used 62GB2393 rod bearings.

Has this engine been into......do you know the history?  Did someone put 4-valve connecting rods into your 2-valve engine?

At the bottom of your connecting rods, on the side of the cap, is a stamped number. What is it?

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1 hour ago, br549 said:

If I remember right  some of the new basic 2 valve engines we bought had the Delta wall bearings in them from the factory in the 80's, maybe this truck had a new basic engine put in it.


Br549, you are absolutely right! 

So Mr. Code, buy a set of 62GB2393P1 rod bearings and the 215SB72DP1 main bearing kit (oversize if required) and move forward with your overhaul.


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