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Oil consumption!


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For the past 3 days I have been running the truck fairly harder than usual. Averaging 58000 gross weight and doing 60 to 70 mph.Since I have 4.17 ratio truck was running at around 1600 to 1700 rpm.Once parked i saw the breather dripping and some drops on the ground and oil was way low....is this normal or am I looking at an inframe?Truck was inframed 60,000 miles ago. 

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Well kinda yes and no.i test drove and after seeing how bad the blow by was I asked them to overhaul it .not sure what parts were used .before the overhaul the blowby smoke could be seen from inside the cab when stopped at a light. It also had that burnt oil smell which is very distinctive.

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Yup IF the oil is going in or out of the turbo It will likly so on the in or out pipes!

How ever if you are standing in a cloud of blo by gasses while standing next to the truck  think the answer is clear!

(Note We Have had problems with the mussel loader kits being assembled poorly  The rings not positioned correctly!)

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