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u joints

joes mack

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do they make a bastard size u joint that measures ( without the cups )  5inch X6 3/4  we just changed the rear end in our ford tanker it had a 18,000lb eaton in it we replaced it with a 23,000lb eaton rear end.  if they do does anyone know the part number?  thanks  joe

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its looking like we are going to make a trip to the drive line repair shop. no one makes a adaptor joint as I have been informed by spicer/dana  and eaton does not show a part number for a pinion yoke to fit the smaller u joint we have so we are going to have to get a driveshaft made with the small u joint on 1 end and the big one on the other. which should be easy as both drive shafts are 4 inch tubes. thanks for the link  j hancock . that's where I got the number to call spicer/dana .


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When I stretched my B I ran into the same issue of 2 different sizes.   I took my existing drive shaft to the shop with a measurement.  they where able to just replace the yoke on the one end of the tube and not have to build a whole new shaft.   

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