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transmisson swap


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Your T2070 has 0.6 in the top hole. The same is in T2060 and T2080.

T2090,2100,2130 and 2180 are slower in OD, only 0.71.

T107's are lower again, 0.78 if not direct.

So if you want to keep your top speed or RPM's at the same level on the same speed T2060 and 2080 are the way to go.

If you'd like multiple speeds you're in the rears swap field.

Any tranny you'll put your eye on you should check about a top speed ratio and relate to what you have (0.60).

Than make the math.

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I have a 91 dm690 with a 2080 transmission and 573 rears   its a tri axle dump    I bought 442 rears and a fuller 13 speed rtof12513 that I plan on installing    I think it will make a world of difference     transmission is within a inch of being same length too   

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