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  1. Turbo down

    put in new inject in runs good now
  2. turbo replacement

    will this turbo work on 94 model e7 300 it cheap
  3. Turbo down

    it was reman
  4. Turbo down

    had oil leak
  5. Turbo down

    dont have a boost gauge could of got a bad turbo what you think??
  6. Turbo down

    did not fine any thing in intake change head gasket had oil leak change filters smoke some sound funny when pulling ?
  7. Turbo down

    Turbo went down. Drove the truck a few miles, put new turbo on and changed head gaskets too. Truck has no power. Now what could be wrong? Checked valve clearance again, still no power. Turbo spins up good. Any help?
  8. transmisson swap

    need to swap trans have2070 with 573rears to weak on the road what would work with 573 rears